Unbreakable Fast Charging Lightning MFi Cable for iPhone



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Play games or take pictures with your iPhone as you charge with this fast charging cable!

If a short charging cable prevents you from using your iPhone to take pictures from your balcony or playing games in your bed, you need to switch into a longer one. You might find it hard to find a long charging cable that will work smoothly and efficiently with your iPhone in the nearby shops. Lucky you! The Unbreakable Patented Fast Charging Cable for iPhone is just what you need to continue using your iPhone even when it’s charging.

This fast charging cable will never get hot with charging and has an automatic system upgrade that makes it fully compatible with the iPhone system. Its patented status guarantees that you’re getting a high-quality product tested for its durability and efficiency. Why risk damaging your iPhone to generic and unstable chargers when you can have the more secure Unbreakable Patented Fast Charging Cable for iPhone?

Created for faster and more secure charging of iPhones, this will let you charge in as fast as one hour. It features a reversible design for a hassle-free connection and a new knitting technology that serves as built-in braid current protection. The patented fast charging cable will not break easily with bending and twisting. The copper core is protected with the woven linen finish while the durable aluminum alloy material secured the plug. The charging cable is specially designed for long term use and withstand wear and tear for regular use. It also supports the fast transmission of 480Mbps so you can copy a 6G movie file in as fast as two minutes.

The Unbreakable Patented Fast Charging Cable for iPhone is available in different lengths and colors for your specific needs.

The package set contains one patented fast charging cord for iPhone in your desired length and color.