Tri-Fold Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror



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The Tri-folded 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror is perfectly illuminated with 22 powerful LED providing excellent lighting, a clear reflection and a sleek attractive design to grace your vanity. Featuring reflections magnified 1X/2X/3X/ and 10X the lighted mirror ensures that the smallest details and most intricate effects are accomplished with deft precision. Making this the best mirror to take with you on business trips and all types of travel adventures.
Have you ever needed to apply or touch up your make up quickly in a room with very poor lighting?

The big problem is that you really don’t know what the final product will look like in a darkened room. The results could be lopsided and defeat the purpose of the application.
For this reason, our magnifying table lamp is illuminated with LEDs and allows for perfect applications every time. You can apply your makeup at any time or any place and your magnifying mirror will provide the perfect lighting for tiniest touch ups. This lighted mirror will also show you what your makeup will look like after you take a selfie.
If you are not using a mirror with magnifications you are missing about on a good 50% of the effects of a proper makeup application. As they say “the devil is in the details” and the subtleties of your makeup job are the features that will greatly enhance or detract from your overall look.
With magnifications of 1X/ 2X/ 3X and 10X you will be able to examine your effects after each detail you apply, the quality of your reflection is available in HD so you can be absolutely sure the representation is accurate.
Having to choose between which accessories and items you will include in your travel bags can be a tough decision. This is true with mirrors more than any other item.
Many mirrors are large enough for a proper application but way to bulky for an overnight bag or a purse. Then there are smaller options but these aren’t so suitable for applying a detailed makeup application.
To put an end to the issue, we created the ultimate travel makeup mirror with all the benefits of a vanity mirror on the go.


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Perfect lighting for clear details
  • HD exposure for accurate representations
  • 4 magnifications
  • 180° Swivel
  • “Soft touch” dimmer sensor
  • 22 Potent LED Lights strategically situated to give ample lighting in the dimmest lighting conditions.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs keep the unit cool and conserve energy
  • Multiple energy Options, including 4 AAA batteries (not included), external USB port can be connected to Power Bank, Laptop, Desktop or USB wall charger.
  • Power supply engaged by a power switch in the back of the device. A small circle in the bottom of the mirror allows the light’s to be flipped on and off.
  • Multiple magnification levels. Get an up-close view of your image with crisp and clear magnification.
  • Ideal for applying eyeliner, detailed eye makeup and other tasks that will require precision work.
  • This versatile vanity device features a regular mirror on one side and the magnified mirrors on the other.
  • Adjustable tilt stand allows a good view from any angle, even if you need to apply your makeup standing up, this device will allow you to use the position of your preference.
  • Tri-fold design allows you to save space in your travel bags and makes this an easily portable option.

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