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Introducing our Petite Outlander! All the amazing features in our regular Outback Bag in just a smaller version. Made of high quality, durable canvas this bag is absolutely perfect for your everyday purse. And don’t let the smaller size fool you! This purse can carry it all!

When you order your Petite Outlander, here’s what you get.

  • Outstanding durability, this Handbag is made to last. It’s built with sturdy Canvas cotton fabric
  • Beautiful and elegant design which comes in multiple colors. This handbag will get heads turning!
  • A lot of storage space for objects such as books, clothes, or a laptop in the spacious main compartment
  • A solid base made from extra strong Canvas-Fabric, which allows for transportation of heavy goods without ripping the handbag apart.
  • Multiple Compartments to help you organize your Handbag better so you don’t have to dig for minutes just to find that pen you were looking for.