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Solar System Space Bracelet
Solar System Space Bracelet
Solar System Space Bracelet

Solar System Space Bracelet

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Many people consider the universe as a sign that life can be full of endless opportunities. They also think of it as being symbolic of freedom from any limitations and being open-minded. The universe sparks the creativity of many, bringing out the inner artist in everyone, even if that only happens in night-time dreams.

Every one of the Solar System Space Bracelets we sell is handcrafted by master artisans. They use hand-selected, high-caliber, natural stones that represent breath inhaling the sheer beauty that only the universe has. This beautiful bracelet mesmerizes everyone. Let it bring out the dreamer in you.

Each stone is distinct, which means every bracelet has a realistic vibration. Every stone is symbolic of another feature of the vast universe we all live in.

Venus - Tiger Eye

Mercury - Howlite

Pluto - Brown Stone

Neptune - Frosty Agate

Uranus - Cyan Agate

Saturn - Matte Map

Jupiter - Brown Agate

Mars - Pink Agate

Moon - Moonstone

Earth - Lan ven

And you are the Sun!

Just remember that life is like the universe, in that it offers an endless realm of opportunities.

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