Professional 3-in-1 Cable Wire Stripper Cutter Crimper

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Multi-functional and ideal for electrical work, this handy wire stripper also doubles as a crimper. It features steel stripping jaws and 8-inch wire cutters that can slice through both copper and aluminium, the two most common wire materials.

It also offers a handy system that allows the length of wire being stripped to be adjusted, as well as a fine-tuning nut that ensures the wire is not damaged during use. 

Its handle is made of easy-to-clean plastic that is adorned with a cushioned section for ideal hand comfort. The steel parts of this tool are finished with sleek black oxide to hide the grease, dirt and grime, and stains that the tool may become susceptible to. 

To add a touch of personalization, the tool can be purchased in either of the four colors to fit the user’s color preference and make it easy to pick out from a group.

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