Portable Pet Capsule Backpack



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With ample space and beautifully colored design, this astronaut pet carrier travel bag is a dream come true!

It provides an exceptional option for pet owners as they look to travel around with their cat or dog. Made of high-grade materials, this travel bag offers a little bit of everything with tremendous portability, consistent quality, and a dependable aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes. 

This gorgeous bag weighs no more than 8 lbs and is an ideal option for those hoping to carry their favorite pet around without a problem. Simply open the bag, put in the pet, and know they will have enough room to breathe and have fun!

When it comes to a lovely bag that’s easy on the eyes and looks great, this astronaut pet carrier travel bag is a great buy. It comes in four different colors (yellow, red, blue, and pink) ensuring the right option is available for those wanting a customized aesthetic. Take great pride in having this in your possession knowing it will have all the perks necessary in a modern carrier bag. 

It’s the ultimate way to go for those looking to have a travel buddy on their adventures out and about!

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