Portable Lightweight Car Air Compressor - 150 PSI


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If you’ve been looking for a new way to inflate your vehicle’s tires without breaking a sweat, you’re in luck with the discovery of this great product – Portable Lightweight Car Air Compressor.

This digital tire inflator eliminates the hard work that comes with pumping tires, making it a job that even someone without knowledge of tires can do without a struggle.

With a power of 120W and a continuous run time of 8 minutes, the pump is highly efficient and powerful. The entire product is made of high-quality ABS plastic that can withstand a good amount of force.

It gets its power through car charging ports that come equipped in everyday vehicles and features LED lights to allow for use at night.

The product’s built-in storage space and included additional nozzles and adapters make it versatile and compatible with bikes, motorcycles, RVs, UTVs, and, of course, everyday vehicles.

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