Portable Flexible Digital Keyboard Piano



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This contemporary flexible digital piano is an exemplary addition to a music lover’s collection.

It’s easy to use, portable and provides a unique touch that’s impossible to ignore. The world-class silicone finish is dependable and ensures your playing experience is truly one of a kind.  

Simply hook up the unit, put on a pair of headphones, and enjoy the music that is created with your hands! It’s an experience that’s jam-packed with entertainment and will make sure one has the time of their life as soon as they sit down to play.

This digital piano can easily be moved around and can be bent based on the surface it’s put on! Lay it down and know the piano is still going to play beautiful sounds one it is turned on. 

This soft keyboard comes with a multitude of sound effects (rhythm, drums) and also encompasses 16 levels of sound control. It’s the perfect addition to any setup and also incorporates fun-loving demo songs too. With a built-in speaker and adjustable volume control, the possibilities are endless when it is time to create music. Put the digital piano to use and enjoy all that it has to offer!

This is an ideal option for beginners, intermediates, and even experienced students!

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