Baby Beach Tent Portable Pop Up Shade with Pool



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Visiting the beach can be one of the most memorable experiences for a family. Children especially love playing in the sand and exploring the water.  However, taking babies to the beach can be a lot of work.  The beach often is not the safest environment for small children.  

Babies are inherently more sensitive to beach conditions than adults.  A baby’s skin is more prone to burning.   Babies don’t know that sand should not be eaten.  And what if your baby drank bacteria ridden sea water?   

Luckily, the Baby Beach tent creates a safe and contained environment for your little one.  

The sunshade pop up beach tent is the perfect addition for all children under three years old to introduce them to enjoy beach safely under the sun.

The Baby Beach Tent provides a contained space for newborns, crawling babies, and even active toddlers.  It allows your children to enjoy the ocean without having to worry about their safety.  

The Baby Beach Tent has been carefully created with custom waterproof UV protective materials.  It will protect your child from the harsh rays of the sun that can cause sunburns and skin damage.  It also allows your baby to be protected while mom and dad work on their tan or vitamin D exposure.  

It is a tent and a mini-pool in one.

Your child is sure to enjoy the mini-pool in the Baby Beach Tent.  It will allow your baby to enjoy playing in the water at the beach without actually having to bring them into the ocean.  It will also keep your child cool and entertained.  Your child will spend hours splashing around and having a good time.

It is simple to use.

The Baby Beach Tent pops up automatically.  When you are done playing, simply fold it down and put it into the handy carrying case.  It is small and compact and can be stored easily.

This has to be the best baby beach tent ever. Make sure you have the Baby Beach Tent for your next vacation!


  • UV ray protection
  • Covered tent and mini pool all-in-one
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to set up and take down

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