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Pocket Fetal Doppler
Pocket Fetal Doppler
Pocket Fetal Doppler
Pocket Fetal Doppler
Pocket Fetal Doppler

Pocket Fetal Doppler

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The home doppler devices lets parents listen to their babies. It's made with materials that are non-invasive, durable, lightweight and premium. Besides that, the device is equipped with many other features.

One of those features is the LCD backlight display. It also has volume control, and it has three different working modes. One of those modes is real-time, and the other two is manual mode and average mode. Simply select the one you like the most or is the most suitable one.

The Baby Heartfelt Fetal Doppler is not like other monitors out there because it features a built-in speaker. This means the sound will be of high quality and you'll be able to hear everything.

This device is a hand-held unit and it can be used at home by those who want to perform a daily self-check, as well as used in clinics and hospitals.

Not only that, but you'll be able to clearly see the fetal heartbeat due to the color LCD that displays it in high resolution.

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