Photochromic Anti-Glare Cycling Glasses



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Every serious cyclist knows how important a high-quality pair of cycling glasses is. From style to functionality, cycling glasses have it all and this stylish model is no exception.

With a lens height of 45 millimeters and a strong polycarbonate frame, these glasses are made for serious cycling.

In addition to being wide, the lenses are also impact resistant and offer UV protection, protecting the cyclist’s eyes from both physical injury and sun damage.

They are anti-glare, and self-adjusting, transitioning between colors to match the atmosphere in which the cyclist is in. Their frame is flexible and made of anti-slip rubber, making them slip resistant and comfortable.

Made as two seperate pieces, the glasses can be disassembled so the lenses can be cleaned thoroughly and maintained to keep them in great condition.

Despite being marketed for men, these sleek glasses are a unisex product, proving to be beneficial to cyclists of both genders. 

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