Outdoor SOS Emergency Equipment Tool Supplies Survival Kit



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The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared” for a reason, and whether in the city or out in the woods that advice is still as good as it gets in life. This Outdoor SOS Emergency Equipment Tool Supplies Survival Kit is perfect to be prepared for the worst that can happen when out in the wild. Compact, easy to carry, you’ll be ready here.

Coming out of a waterproof case that is bright orange for easy signalling, this comes with an emergency wire saw for cutting large sticks and branches, fire starters, small compasses, multiple tools and a small blade.

This combination of tools is what you need to survive when stuck in the wild. Blades for cutting food, vines, bark, or other substances, with blades small enough to be legal to carry in most jurisdictions while also enjoying tools that can help you make the most out of whatever is on hand and whatever you might happen to stumble onto.

You have versatility, you have the ability to adapt, and this little survival kit has space to add signal whistles, matches, or whatever else you may want to fill it out.

Even with no additions, this kit is incredible and will give you the tools needed to be prepared for any situation.

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