Multifunction Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow



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This pillow measures 27 inches by 51 inches and is made for pregnant and breastfeeding women but it works great for those who need to relieve gastric reflux or tend to sleep on their sides. The pillow, made from 100% polyester, is a multifunction pillow that works for many people and gives belly support, arm and neck support and it helps relieve all kinds of pain.

It is the perfect relaxation cushion for watching TV or reading. It supports the low back and stops you from moving around during sleep. It alleviates sciatica pain and other types of chronic pain conditions.

Its soft cover is great for sensitive skin and those with allergies. Use it to support an infant when breastfeeding.

The extra large size makes it perfect for any king or queen-sized bed. It can be the ideal replacement for traditional pillows because of its therapeutic effects.

It comes with one replacement cover which is as easy to clean as the rest of the pillow.

Just toss int he washing machine on a delicate, cold cycle.

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