Multi-Language Smart Voice Translator

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Have you ever gone to a foreign country just to be baffled by the language barrier? If you have or plan to do so, you’ll find plenty of benefit in the purchase of your very own two way Multi-Language Smart Voice Translator

Trusted by seasoned travelers from all walks of life, this handy little device bridges the gap between countries and their cultures through communication. 

The product can be used in real time for face to face conversations, and supports more than 30 unique languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Hebrew. 

It offers text translation and speech to text translation and is Bluetooth compatible, as well, providing wireless operation for up to 10 meters. 

Small in size and incredibly lightweight, the translator goes virtually unnoticed inside of luggage, backpacks, or in your pocket. 

It works with iOS and Android devices, and runs off of basic rechargeable batteries, making it eco-friendly and efficient. 

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