Magnetic Knee Massager with Vibration & Heat Therapy for Knee Massage

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Are you suffering from joint pains in your knee and you don’t have the slightest clue how to relieve them? It’s high time you tried joint physiotherapy massage!

Magnetic Knee Massager

This Knee Massager is the perfect relief for aching or injured knees. The built-in vibration massage gently releases tension from joints and muscles, while the fixed heating pad relieves muscle spasms and promotes local metabolism to speed up healing.



It also uses Asiatic wormwood physiotherapy that promotes your “qi” energy in the affected area.

It is completely safe to use, with a 12V safety voltage and temperature control to fit your desired comfort or therapy level.


massager controls


This massager is perfect for joint pains due to movement or weather, lack of flexibility or swelling.


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