Infant Baby Crib Hammock



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The baby crib hammock simulates the safety of a mother’s womb as it keeps your baby safe from safe and extremely comfortable.

The crib hammock promotes healthy baby development and takes away the danger to an infant.

Soft and Airy – Breathable hammock makes the baby feel comfortable and does not over heat.

Adjusts to Body Shape – Promotes healthy spine curve and great posture while sleeping.

The Hammock Effect – Prevents baby from rolling over the side or sleeping on the stomach.

  • Safe and comfortable for all infants.
  • Fits cribs of almost all sizes.
  • The hammock is able to carry weight of up to 9 Kgs.
  • Perfect for age 0-9 months.

Reduce Environmental Risk Factors Associated with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

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