• Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny
  • Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny
  • Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny
  • Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny
  • Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny
  • Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny
  • Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny
  • Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny

Hidden Clock Camera for Nanny

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When we trust our most valuable possessions with nannies, coworkers, and roommates almost anything can happen. That’s why this hidden camera wall clock is a great way to keep an eye on your home or office while you are absent. The unnoticeable camera is hidden in this sleek wall clock that can be hung or placed anywhere. The built-in battery has an astonishing capacity, operating up to 4 Months in Standby mode or 6 hours non-stop recording. The clock also comes with a removable stand so you have the option of hanging it on a wall or placing it on any furniture in your home or office.

This Hidden Clock Camera is a state-of-the art 1080p video and audio recording solution hidden inside a sleek clock. Although stylish, this clock gives no indication of its true hidden capabilities. The clock can be hung on a wall or placed on your desk or a bookshelf with the included removable stand.  If you suspect that a co-work or a roommate is doing something that they aren’t supposed to, you can capture the evidence discretely with this clock.

Because of the Hidden Clock Camera’s extensive 4 months standby battery life this clock should be in everyone’s vacation or home away from home. Now when you get back and something looks out of place, you will have the video evidence to know what happened!

The Hidden Clock Camera can also continuously record in loop recording mode. Meaning the memory card constantly records over the oldest files when the card is full, so you can leave this inconspicuous clock running indefinitely until there is an incident. When an incident does occur you will never have to worry, just pop the memory card out and voilà you will have your perpetrator on video caught red handed.

This clock is great to use for babysitters, nannies, dog sitters or just around an area that you want to keep a constant eye on. Switch the camera into motion detection mode easily and now you have a long term surveillance solution that will only record during motion for up to 4 Months.

The Hidden Clock Camera is a great and versatile solution for if you are worried about somebody breaking into your home or office, watching your baby or dog sitter while you're away or a long term surveillance solution for places you leave unattended long term. No matter the space you are trying to monitor, this clock is the solution for you.

Suggested Use

  • Missing belongings? Find out immediately who has taken your property and record it as proof!
  • Vacation Homes. Set the clock in motion detection mode to see if anything weird happened while you were gone.
  • Watch your pets! We all know pets are goofy animals and nothing is more fun than to record or check up on your furry friends while you're away. Maybe your video will go viral!
  • Watch over your kids. Leaving your kids with a nanny or babysitter can be nerve-wracking.  Always know what's happening with your family! Find out if they are going to bed on time or eating cake on the couch!
  • Elderly safe?  Life can be dangerous for the elderly and it’s easy to watch over them with a Hidden Clock Camera.

Main Features

  • Wide Angle 90° Lenses, angled 15° down, perfect for Capturing a Large Area
  • Built-in microphone that can be turned off or on to record sound with video
  • High definition 1920x1080 crystal clear video quality
  • WDR Makes Great Day or Low Light Videos
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery (6 hours non-stop video or up to 4 Months Standby)
  • Records onto MicroSD cards up to 64GB in size (not included)
  • Easy time & date setup (time & date stamp is superimposed in the corner of the video)

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