Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

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The #1 Selling Snoring Solution in the World (98% Effective)
Anti-Snore Mouth Piece
Custom Fit for Maximum Comfort
Dentist Recommended and Safe
Proven to Work (98% of the people)
Simply boil, bite and use
Made of food grade EVA material, safe to use
Comfortable to use
Each kit contains:
Anti - Snore Mouth guard
Mouth-guard handle
Fitting instructions
Use and care instructions
BOIL & BITE method ensures a better tailored fit to your mouth
While we admit the anti snore kit does not work for everyone (none do really), we have had a fantastic success rate of almost 98% now.
Snoring happens basically because the passageway of the air is obstructed, either in the nose or in the throat. While you sleep, all the muscles relax and that includes the muscles in your throat and mouth. When they relax, they tend to drop and will usually collapse on top of the other, and that’s why passageways are blocked partially. That’s also why some people who have colds, cough, or allergies tend to snore because their passageway is swollen restricting air flow.
An enlargement in the throat can also cause snoring. Enlarged tonsils or muscles can cause enlargement. If your child is a snorer at an early age, then you might want to have his or her tonsils checked. Moreover, the reason why the snoring problem applies more to men than women is that their bodies are tuned to build bigger muscles. Men have thicker neck than women and can be a usual cause of snoring.
Scientific research has revealed that there is a strong link between loud snoring and heart attacks and heart disease. The scientists report that, according to their study, 37% of men and 21% of women reported loud snoring with breathing pauses. 26% of the respondents reported having hypertension (high blood pressure), 3% had had myocardial infarction and 4% a stroke. They found that a loud snorer has a 67% higher risk of having a stroke compared to people who do not snore, the risk of heart attack is 34% higher for loud snorers. SLEEP JOURNAL
The ANTI SNORE MOUTHPIECE is suitable for people who suffer from mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnea. This dental gadget is based on ensuring the lower jaw is kept forward, increasing airway space to reduce and prevent snoring. The ANTI SNORE MOUTHPIECE is made of EVA plastic and safe to use.
The mouth guard ensures that everything in your mouth is lined up properly as you begin to sleep. Throughout the night, as all of your muscles relax, the mouth guard keeps everything exactly where it needs to be.
1. Wash the mouthpiece under running water
2. Place the mouthpiece in a bowl
3. Pour hot boiling water over the mouthpiece. Make sure it is fully submerged.
4. After 15 -18 seconds remove mouthpiece with tongs. Keeping the mouthpiece in the hot water any longer may over- soften and cause it to become misshapen.
5. Insert the mouthpiece into mouth. Note that one side of mouthpiece is shaped HIGHER. Place this side over TOP row of teeth.
6. Bite down for ½ minute to leave an impression and to ensure the mold is shaped to fit your mouth. Press front flat piece against teeth to create tighter fit. Do NOT bite down too hard so as to cut through the soft malleable plastic.
7. Repeat boil and bite process can be repeated to get the right comfortable fit.
8. The ANTI SNORE mouthpiece is now ready to use.
9. To clean, simply wash under running water after each use.



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