Genuine Leather Stylish RFID-Block Card Holder



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Protect your bank and credit card data from getting stolen with this RFID-blocking card holder!
Thieves who steal credit card information are not only lurking on the internet, they are everywhere. They don’t have to possess your credit cards to get your personal data. All they have to do is to get close to you to scan your bag or purse with an RFID reader and steal your bank, credit card, and other information. 
You cannot exactly pinpoint these crooks when they attack. The attacker could be the old lady sitting next to you on a bus, a teenage boy standing behind you in a fast-food counter, or a young mother checking out a magazine stand beside you in a bookstore. Anybody could just walk up to you, scan your wallet, and create a clone of your bank or credit cards. You’ll only know that your credit card identity was stolen once the credit card bills are delivered to you. The thieves will likely max out your credit card limit buying random things at your expense. Who wants to pay for things they didn’t get or use? Nobody! 
Would you risk having someone withdraw all your bank savings or transact with businesses and offices using your name? Don’t expose yourself to these RFID hackers anymore. Get yourself this RFID-blocking cardholder immediately!
This anti-theft cardholder or wallet is protected with a metal that can block the RFID signal. RFID scanners will not be able to communicate with the RFID chips in your cards as a result. When you use the Genuine Leather Stylish Business Card Holder, you will not worry about getting your data stolen as you walk in the mall, grab a coffee to work, or anywhere you go. It gives you peace of mind as you go about doing your daily activities.
This RFID-blocking cardholder is designed as a stylish wallet with card pockets, bill pocket, and card case. It will fit just right in your pants’ pocket, purse, or bag.
Package contains one card holder wallet made of genuine cow leather that is ideal to use by both men and women. Genuine cow leather has a soft texture, wear-resistant, and damp-proof,
Main Material: Genuine Cow Leather
Item Width: 6.5cm
Item Length: 9.5cm
Item Weight: 100g
Caring Instructions:
Don’t place sharp objects inside the wallet. Avoid getting it wet with water and prevent leather grain cracking by applying leather protection products. To remove dirt, use only very gentle leather cleaners on the surface.