Full HD Mini Portable Pocket Projector



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Forget about those outdated, heavy and bulky projectors, in favor of this new Full HD Portable Smart Pocket Projector. Now you can enjoy your home cinema and watch films, videos and photos with your friends, or make catchy business or school presentations with this one-of-a-kind, modern portable high-performance projector.

This device allows you to enjoy a professional theatre-like video viewing experience, the only difference being that this comes free of charge. You’ll get your money back in no time!

The projector supports multiple interfaces: USB, Micro SD, AV, HDMI. It also supports 23 languages.

The 320 x 240 original resolution of the projector can be adjusted to 1920 x 1080 if needed.

The device supports full format video files, almost all known formats of audio files and image files.

Lightweight and portable, the device boasts an excellent projection ratio and a neat user interface. There are mounting options for a tripod or projector stand.

Low Energy Consumption

This pocket projector is capable of delivering an extremely sharp image, thanks to the 400 – 600 lumens resolution and 800:1 contrast ratio. 

The sleek shape and design of this projector are nicely complemented by the slide slits which secure adequate ventilation and enhanced cooling.

The remote control makes the projector very easy to operate.

The LED lamp is built to last over 30000 hours, so it will; never need to be replaced.

The projector required a 5V/2A power supply. If needed, you can use a mobile power bank to charge it while on the go.

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