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If you have bad balance and are prone to balance related issues, or if you’re just looking to tone your muscles using balance, this Fitness Workout & Balance Board is the right product for you. 

Available in a variety of fun colors, the board is bound to add a touch of color to every workout. More than just for show, however, the board is made of durable ABS and can be used for full body workouts, improving both balance and coordination at an impressive rate. 

Each balance board has a carved out handle that makes transportation easy, and is smooth and soap-safe for thorough cleaning and sanitizing after a long workout. 

The balance boards are also compact, allowing them to be stored in small yoga studios, closets, or in the trunk of the car for future use. 

Versatility is never an issue with this product, as they are designed to withstand the weight of grown adults if all shapes and sizes.

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