Electronic ATM Piggy Bank For Children



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Piggy banks provide a wonderful way to save and manage money without losing it.

This all-encompassing mini ATM piggy bank offers a fascinatingly reliable solution to easily manage funds without breaking a sweat. It’s made of a robust ABS plastic material that’s lightweight and built to last for years to come.

With a personalized setup including password-operated functionality, it’s an all-in-one solution for those looking to put their coins in an easy to reach place without having to go to the nearest bank. Play around with the various features and make sure it is set up to last for a long time with the funds safely hidden away.

This electronic piggy bank ATM comes in a multitude of colors including black, blue, and pink ensuring it is ideal for all preferences. It runs on nothing more than three “AA” batteries (not included) and is able to remain active for months upon months without breaking a sweat or stopping.

With ample room in this personal ATM piggy bank, it is able to hold a large number of coins and notes in one go. Simply put in the coins and sit back knowing they’re in a safe place all day long. It’s as simple as this for money savers!


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