Electric Walking Unicorn Plush Toy



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Unicorns are all the rage right now.  Kids and adults are sure to be entertained and amused by the Electric Walking Unicorn Plush Toy.

This is not your average stuffed animal.  This plush unicorn has many great features that make it an interesting and unique gift.  It can walk, move its tail, and even sing songs!  This unicorn is bright and colorful and will make the perfect gift for kids of all ages.  Even adults will love this sweet toy.  

It is fluffy and cute!

This unicorn is so cute it is hard to find the words to adequately describe its adorableness.  It is the absolute perfect present for your unicorn loving child.  Your girlfriends would also love this thoughtful gift.  Everyone will enjoy snuggling it, singing along with it, and watching it walk around the house.

It walks and sings.

You children will love holding on to the Unicorn’s beautiful, heart shaped leash.  They will enjoy pressing the button that makes the unicorn walk.  They won’t be able to stop watching it move its head side to side, seeing its tail wag, and listening to its fun songs.  This unicorn sings two songs that are sure to make your children laugh and get up and dance.

Choose between five different colors.

The Electric Walking Unicorn can be purchased in pink, white, red, purple or blue.  Choose the one that best suits your child.  Or, better yet, get all three!  Your child will love creating their own unicorn family.  

Encourages your child to play imaginatively.

This fun and unique toy will help your child create their own magical reality full of colorful rainbows and everything plush and beautiful.  Your child will love pretending this unicorn is their very own pet.  This Unicorn Plush toy is truly what dreams are made of.

The Electronic Walking Unicorn Plush Toy is not only a beautiful gift but also a unique and interactive present.  Order one today!  Your child is sure to love it.  


  • It walks, wags its tail, and sings
  • It is softy and fluffy
  • It is absolutely adorable
  • Available in three unicorn colors
  • Encourages imaginative play


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