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Makeup brush cleaning is a critical part of any beauty guru’s daily routine. If a guru you know slacks with cleaning due to the inconvenience of the process, introduce her to this handy tool: the electric makeup brush cleaner

This all-electric tool works to clean makeup off of any type of application brush, ranging from small to extra large. 

The product is simple to use, featuring only a power on/off button, and a large bowl that can hold even the largest of brushes, effectively ridding them of makeup debris. 

Cleaning a brush takes only a few seconds and each clean is guaranteed. Not only does the product work well, but it also looks fancy and cutting edge when set up on the vanity or kept with an extensive makeup collection. 

To make the cleaning process even easier, the product comes with an in-depth user’s manual that covers all of the pros and cons, and tips and tricks for using this particular makeup brush cleaner. 

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