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If you are looking for the best wireless dog fence, look no further. The wireless electric dog fence is one of the best you will find on the market. It comes with all of the features that you would want in an invisible dog fence and training collar. 

The training collar is designed to fit dogs that are 8 pounds or more. Along with this, it is designed for dogs with neck sizes from 8 to 20 inches. Depending on the size, the collar will vary in the level of sensitivity but it will not impact its effectiveness.

The coverage that you get with this wireless invisible fence is completely customizable up to 1.2 acres or 5,000 square feet. All you have to do is bury the wire up and designate the area you want to set as the perimeter. This will allow you to begin using the collar to train your dog. 


1. Stealthy Protection

Because the wires of this wireless dog fence can be buried underground, you will be able to avoid having to place any physical barriers which will not only provide a much more stealthy approach, but it can help to provide your dog with more freedom in general. 

2. Approach Warning

Instead of simply triggering once your dog passes the barrier, there is progressive stimulation as your dog approaches it. This approach serves as a warning that your dog is getting close to the barrier. Prior to reaching the border, the collar signals an audible sound which your dog will be able to recognize and associate as an approach warning. 

3. Speed Detection

The technology allows for speed detection which is good to provide much higher levels of intensity if your dog is running passed the barrier. 

4. Wire Break Alarm

This is a must in any electric dog fence and collar system. This system comes complete with an audible wire break alarm which will alert you if it senses a break or malfunction in the boundary system. This will keep you from having to worry about your dog escaping and getting hurt because there is a break or malfunction in the system.

What Is Included?

The package includes an indoor wall mounted transmitter, 1 power plug, an adjustable receiver collar, a 6V battery for the collar, 1 wire to create the boundary, 2 metal contact points, 4 screws, 20 training flags, and 1 test bulb. Along with this, it comes complete with an informative user manual.