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Wire-Free Towel Bra – Breast sweat is irritating, discomforting and, at times, can be embarrassing for everyone who may experience it.

towel bra

We are happy to introduce our Towel Bras designed without a wireframe to offer maximum comfort all-round the torso region. It covers around the breast perfectly allowing easy movement and comfort during hot days and when you go shirtless. It is immaculately great for outdoor activities like a morning run and other sporty activities in the gym.

IT IS EASY TO USE: You will need to hang this towel above your neck area so that it can support your breasts upwards and you will not need to worry about any breast sweat that may drip down from you.

ACCORDS A COMFORTABLE “FREE-FEELING”: Comfort for your boobs is a key design objective for our wire-free towel. We want our clients to feel comfortable, safe and confident carrying out various physical exercises every time they put on our towel.

YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY OF BREAST SWEAT OR BREASTMILK LEAKS: Besides absorbing breast sweat, our towel is effectively designed to dry in and soak up breastmilk before any discolored marks stain on your lovely outfit.

IT HAS A MYRIAD OF USES: This towel bra is ideal for extensive use, whether you are going for a morning run, out in the gym doing fitness exercises or going to out with friends. This multi-use boob sweat towel will not concede comfort from contact and absorbing any sweat.

IT IS SEXY AND FASHIONABLE AS WELL: It is only ideal that we tailor an attractive bra that appeals to many of our customers. The design on our wire-free towel is modern and sexy wand is available in a wide range of colors.

It is made from 100% Cotton blend and polyester to offer that ultra-gentle feel on your skin.

Besides the wire-free feature of the towel, it comes with a tightening noose in place of the more common and annoying bra straps.

Please make sure to select the right size, when you order.



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Additional information

Weight95.0 kg
Dimensions150 × 100 × 40 cm

Brown, Light pink, Black, Camel, Sika Deer, Checkered, Set 1, Beige, Windmill Sign, Star Bear, Grey, Moon Bunny, Blue1, Checkered Letters, Blue, Pink Bunny, Cow, Lattice, Rose red, White, Pink, Checkered Star, Purple, Yellow, Green, Nevy


S, One size, L, M


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