Blackhead Extraction & Removal and Pore Vacuum



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Best Blackhead Remover – Strong Blackhead Extraction And Pore Vacuum Suction

Effectively helps to remove oil, dust, impurities and other particles in large clogged pores. Removes oils and acne, improves blood circulation and skin elasticity. Helps to tight up loose skin and reduce wrinkles. Aids in shrinking pores and smoothing out fine lines to make skin more radiant. 

Adjustable Strength Display Level

You can readily adjust the suction level of your comedone extractor for different areas of the skin. You’ll know what level you’re at by the indicator light. The lowest level is able to be used on more sensitive areas of the skin. The medium level works well for blackheads and pores. 

Functional Head

This pore cleaner and blackhead vacuum includes 1 Extra large circular hole for stronger suction. The small circular hole uses gentle suction for more sensitive skin areas. Oval hole head works on nose blackhead removal with a microcrystalline head for exfoliating dead skin. 

Portable And Rechargeable Blackhead Removal Tool

With a built-in USB recharger, you’ll never have to worry about the battery running dead. The lithium battery 1000 mah capacity. Lightweight and portable, this ergonomic design is easy to hold and use and won’t give you any strain while using it.


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