360 Degrees Sonic Electric Toothbrush



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Don’t let yourself get stuck in the past with the old way of brushing your teeth. Just because those teeth look like they’re nice and clean doesn’t mean that they really are.

360 degree ultrasonic toothbrush

What about what’s happening on the other side of those teeth? On the side that most brushes fail to reach.


u-shaped ultrasonic toothbrush


Fully cleaning the surface of your teeth requires a new kind of toothbrush. That’s where the new 360 degrees intelligent sonic electric brush comes into play. This sophisticated design is capable of fully cleaning the outer and inner side of the teeth in the same motion.


Ultrasonic toothbrush


It’s the only way that you can guarantee your teeth are clean front and back.

Important Features

– USB wireless charging system

– A full battery can power up to 25 sessions

– Capable of eliminating 99 percent of bacteria in the target area

– Advanced sound wave technology cleans the entire surface of the tooth

– Optional massaging function

– Teeth whitening while brushing thanks to the built-in blue light technology

Overall, this is a great product that’s easy to use. It somehow makes brushing your teethe easier while also making it more effective.

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