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11 Best Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coworkers, Boss and Manager

Best Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coworkers, Boss and Manager

The holidays are quickly approaching and coming up with small Christmas gifts for coworkers, your boss or manager can become rather stressful. Companies have different ideas about gift giving, so you will want to watch how it has been done in past years. Think of things that reflect your work relationship, but nothing too over the top.

What does your boss like? Does he or she drink wine? Or perhaps they need a more organized office? Maybe some easy Christmas gifts for coworkers would be a new pair of Bluetooth headphones. When looking for unique Christmas gifts for coworkers, keep their interests and personalities in mind to choose the best gift. Some affordable Christmas gifts for coworkers might be a set of elegant Moscow mule mugs. Maybe you rather take a different route with a Travel Scratch off World Map. Does you coworker, boss or manager never get to finish their coffee before it gets cold? We’ve got just the thing.

We have a list of Christmas gifts for male coworkers, female coworkers, bosses or managers whether you’re looking for something for the office or something to be enjoyed after work hours. From elegant coffee mugs, high tech headphones, leather business folio cases and a desktop charging station, Christmas shopping will be much easier and a lot less stressful after viewing out top picks. Why not be the employee that’s known for their unique, thoughtful, personal gift giving ideas.

Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones

Tired of those tangled wires from headphones? You can now enjoy your favorite music while on the move by switching to Bone Conduction Headphones. Your boss, manager or coworker will never listen to music the same way ever again. These headphones contain a wrap around headband that comfortably sits on your ear. No risk of falling off and the comfortable fit brings listening to music to a whole new level.

The sound is crystal clear due to the four horn sound that offers two times the output than customary headphones. They provide twice the energy as you immerse yourself into your music. The treble and bass are also well balanced which is just one more reason the clarity of sound is clean and crisp.

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Moscow Mule Mugs

Your boss or coworker will enjoy a weekend relaxing with their favorite drink served in these stylish Moscow Mule mugs. These mugs have an artistic, unique look made from hammered stainless steel.

Your guests will positively adore them at your next party. The stainless steel keeps them colder and the hammered stainless, copper plated design provides that elegant look.

Add some style and excitement to your dinner parties by serving beverages in these sets of stunning mugs. They will never fail to amaze your guests with their unique chic characteristics.

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Travel Scratch off World Map

Does your boss or coworkers travel a lot? Surprise them with this unique gift for Christmas. They can use this classy scratch map to keep track of all their travels. Hang this elegantly designed deluxe edition of the original scratch map on your wall for a reminder of all your travels around the world. Its lustrous background and copper foil scratch off adds life to any wall.

Just scratch off the copper foil to keep track of all the places you have visited around the world. The different colors for all the different countries and islands stand out beautifully against the copper and black tones of the map. For each place visited the map will take on a different look, making it quite interesting for your guests to see each time they visit.

Experience again and again all those amazing experiences and cherished memories whenever you’re feeling lonely or stressed just by staring into this elegant map. This isn’t just for the home, but a great place for the office as well.

Are you, your boss or coworkers planning on travelling anytime soon? Need unique Christmas gifts for coworkers, your boss or manager; this would be the ideal choice!

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High Quality PU Leather Business Folio Case

Looking for Christmas gifts for office coworkers? Look no further! This stunning business portfolio case will keep them organized and prepared.

This organizer contains a cardholder, an 8-bit calculator, a file pocket, a memo pocket, a pen holder, a memo pocket and a A4 pocket all sheathed in a handmade PU leather folio case. With the foldable handle, it is easy to carry anywhere. Use this well equipped binder folio in the office, while travelling and at home.

No more searching for papers, pens or calculators; just open the PU Leather Business Folio Case to find everything you need at your finger tips. When you keep all your essentials in one place, you free up time from searching for all your items every time you need to take notes or calculate stuff. Keep your activities hassle free!

Regardless of your career, this leather folio is convenient for taking customer orders, notes from your boss, writing topics for a website or blog and so much more! It is available in two beautiful colors, brown and black and fits anyone’s lifestyle.

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Electric Car Temperature Control Travel Coffee Mug

This would be a great idea for small Christmas gifts for coworkers. They can enjoy their coffee hot while travelling with this innovative, hassle free travel coffee mug. Don’t miss another cup of coffee because you got up late or need to meet a client before their flight. The Electric Car Temperature Control Travel Coffee Mug is designed special for lovers of coffee on the go.

Begin every day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee on your way to work. No more side stops for that cup of coffee and waiting in long lines. Enjoy a fresh mug in minutes!

This travel mug is not just for coffee or tea. Travelling with your baby? Heat up your baby’s bottle of milk in just minutes! This is one of the useful Christmas gifts for coworkers.

Planning a family trip? You can use this temperature control mug to cool down on hot days with some cold water or warm up on cold days with a hot mug of hot chocolate or coffee. A great gift idea for yourself or someone special.

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The Best Portable Coffee Maker

Make your mornings much easier with this all in one coffee grinder. No cords, power or batteries needed to operate this compact coffee grinder.

The most popular beverage worldwide is coffee!

You won’t need anything additional with this portable coffee maker, it has everything! Complete with thermal coffee mug with lid, coffee filter and coffee grinder.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for office coworkers, this is perfect! They can use this attractive designed mug wherever they go, from home to work, camping, plane, this is the best portable coffee maker available and the one you will want to take with you.

The compact filter and grinder were designed for easy transport. Beautiful modern design great for wherever you need, from home to the car, work, plane, camping, this is the travel coffee kit you will want to take along. Beautiful look and packaging also make this the perfect gift.

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Genuine Leather Stylish RFID-Block Card Holder

This RFID blocking card holder will protect your credit and bank card data from getting stolen.

Credit card information thieves are not only prowling on the internet, they are everywhere. They can gather personal data without actually possessing your bank and credit cards. If they are close enough to you they just scan your purse or bag with an RFID reader and bingo, they have all the information they need.

These thieves can be anyone from a little old lady to a teenager, even a young mother and they can be anywhere, sitting next to you on a bus, waiting in a fast food line or checking out in a bookstore. You won’t even realize they have scanned your cards and gathered enough information to do some extensive damage until you get your credit card statement.

This genuine leather RFID blocking cardholder is designed as a elegant wallet with card pockets, card case and bill pocket. It easily fits in your bag, purse or pocket.

Don’t risk someone withdrawing all your money or maxing out your credit cards. Don’t be a sitting duck for these RFID thieves anymore. Get this RFID blocking cardholder today!

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Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand with Built-In Cooling Fan

If you work long hours on your laptop, you can prevent neck pain with this adjustable laptop stand.

You can easily put strain on your neck and shoulders working long hours on your laptop. This can be distracting making it hard to focus on your work. Working on a flat surface such as a desk can be an uncomfortable angle for your neck or the incorrect height for your shoulders as you use your laptop. Staying in this position for hours will cause stress and pain by the end of the day.

The Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand can make using your laptop much more comfortable. Simply adjust the stand to the best position while typing and you will reduce the strain on your neck and shoulders.

You can use this in a variety of ways such as a standing desk, propping your laptop over the desk for more height or as a laptop desk while lying in your bed. Use this adjustable stand in any angle or position you choose.

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4 in 1 Desktop Charging Station for Smartphone, Smartwatch & Airpods

Use this multi-functional desktop charging station to charge your Smartphone, Smartwatch and air pods.

Different devices require specific charging devices which can be quite inconvenient. When charging two or more devices you will need several outlets to do so and there may not be enough. You also need to keep an eye on your devices while charging as it can overcharge and affect the life of the battery.

Don’t lose sleep while travelling just to charge your mobile devices. The 4 in 1 Desktop Charging Station for Smartphone, Smartwatch & Airpods is the perfect solution!

This well designed charging station can also be an added décor for any room and is really easy to install.

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Wooden Desk Organizer With Calendar

Thinking about useful Christmas gifts for coworkers? The Wooden Desk Organizer with Calendar is the perfection choice. They can open up some space with this handy desktop organizer.

If your desk is unorganized you can spend a lot of wasted time searching for things you need. Answering the phone and wait…no pen, no paper, no calendar handy, very frustrating. Well, problem solved with this useful organizer. With just a few clicks on your mouse your inefficient, unorganized desk is no longer an issue.

This high quality, genuine wood desktop organizer is multi-functional and will hold mobile phones, pens, cutters, scissors, keys, remote controls and much more. No more table top calendars to take up space as this is equipped with a calendar function.

The beautiful design makes it so worth your money. Great to use in the office, your study at home or even your living room. Your coworkers will surely appreciate this elegant wooden desk organizer. Their lives will be easier and more organized.

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Unbreakable Fast Charging Lightning MFi Cable for iPhone

Take some pictures or play some games with your iPhone while charging with this super fast charging cable.

Trying to think of affordable Christmas gifts for coworkers? Look no further! This allows you to play games in bed or take pictures from your balcony with the longer charging cable which you can’t find in stores. Use the Unbreakable Patented Fast Charging Cable for iPhone to continue using your iPhone while it is still charging.

This unbreakable fast charger will charge in just one hour. It was designed for long term use and can with stand wear and tear of normal use. Amazingly, it can also copy a 6G movie file in as little as two minutes.

It is available in different colors and lengths. At this affordable price you can pick some up for your coworkers, boss, manager and even splurge on yourself.

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